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Green Technology

Match Technologies is a Startup that operates in the chemometric modeling. After several years of research dedicated to this area and the growing offer of high computing power mobile devices, we decided to offer services and products that consolidate the developed prototypes. In addition, we work with the Internet of Things, performing measurements through sensors aiming at people well-being or the environment in the most diverse areas of knowledge such as agriculture, health, smart cities and among others.

Our science

Match Technologies is an IT company dedicated to chemical and laboratory analysis. We combine the best mathematical methods matched with artificial intelligence to decompose chemical signals, physical data or digital images in properties of interest.

Our business

Match Technologies is a company committed to the end result and concerned with exceeding the expectations of its customers. Its team works within the highest quality standards and is made up of professionals specialized in different technological areas.

Our customers

Match Technologies provides services and delivers solutions that generate performance and high accuracy to customers in favor of their business.

Some partnerships we have: